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Welcome to Nightingale Primary School.

We are a community primary school providing an education for both boys and girls from the ages of 3 - 11.

We provide a safe and secure learning environment in which children feel happy and experience success. Our children are expected to work hard and achieve their best. The staff are caring and friendly and have high expectations of children. We welcome children from all religious and cultural backgrounds, those with disabilities and special needs.

We offer a broad and balanced curriculum that combines excellent teaching with enjoyment in learning. We enrich the curriculum with visits and visitors and a wide selection of activities, encouraging pupils to develop their creative and sporting activities as well as their academic abilities.

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Roy Coleman

We are currently raising money to support victims of the earthquake in Nepal.  Please hand in any donations to the school office.


For further information please contact our School Business Manager, Richard Stafford-Hill.


Quote of the Week

'The quality of the learning environment throughout the school is outstanding!'

Nick Budge

Head of School

Ramsgate Free School

March 17th 2015

The play-court is complete!  Did you know that there are 12 tons of sand on the play-court?  The sand is there to weigh the grass down!

Thank you to Sport England, Fawns, Nomow, Mr Goldsmith and Mr Stafford-Hill for all their hard work in developing this space for the children of Nightingale.