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Newsletter - 2nd October 2017

We are adopting a new logo for Nightingale Primary School. It has been chosen from a selection by the staff and children of Nightingale. It was really important that we continue to include Florence Nightingale’s signature as this is a key component of our identity.

We now also include Florence Nightingale’s portrait.

Film Night

Thank you to all who came to the recent film night. We raised £463.50 for the school.


Healthy School

Because of our healthy school status, we cannot accept sweets or cakes to share for your child’s birthday.


Star of the Week

Stars of the week in KS1 are

Manil (Yr 1)

Kiana (Yr 2)


Dojo Winners

The Dojo winners this week are:

Abdul M (Yr 3)

Eleonora (Yr 4)

Isla (Yr 5)

Farzana (Yr 6)


Headteacher Awards

Andreia for excellence in maths

Cassandra for excellence in reading

Mohammed for excellence in writing


School Dinner Debt

I have been surprised by the number of parents who owe money to the school for unpaid school dinners. Please make sure that you have paid any monies owed by the end of the week. If parents do not pay their debt to the school then we will have to refer families to our school legal team who will then use debt recovery services to ensure all debts are paid.

If you have difficulty in paying your debt, please speak to me or a member of the office staff.


Welcome back Mr Jennings!

We are pleased to welcome back Mr Jennings. As you may recall, Mr Jennings has been in China learning all about the Chinese education system. We look forward to hearing about all he learned.


Maritime Academy Trust Update

Nightingale is still on track to convert to an academy on 1st November 2017. Mr Coleman has been meeting with the headteachers of the other Maritime schools to look at ways we can work together. We will keep you updated of any further developments.


Make up

I would like to remind parents that children are not allowed to wear make up to school.


School Trips

As you are aware, school budgets have become very tight and we are no longer able to subsidise school trips. Rather than asking you to contribute for each individual trip, we ask for each parent to make a £20 contribution per child to the school. This valuable contribution helps us to enhance your child’s education through valuable trips and enhanced learning experiences.


Kind regards


Roy Coleman