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Newsletter - 15th January 2018



I regularly meet with other leaders across the Maritime Partnership and we are always looking for ways we can get our schools working together.  We are hoping to have a list of events, both academic and sporting, to share with you soon.


Each week, the school adults observe the children to ensure they are working hard and displaying our values.  The winners this week are

Star of the Week

Well done to

Alice (FS2)

Alisha (Yr 1)

Irede (Yr 2)

Dojo Winners

Mantas (Yr 3)

Alvernia (Yr 4)

Ruben (Yr 5)

Malik (Yr 6)



Parents and carers regularly ask about homework.  Our policy is on the school website.  We expect all children to read every day for an appropriate amount of time.  We also request that they complete their spellings and complete work on IXL each week.  You can also help your child by talking about what they are reading and helping them with their times tables.


The school nurses have recently carried out height and weight checks of children in the school.  It was shocking to me to see that nearly 30% of children who were measured are considered to be overweight and very overweight. 

There are ways in which we can all support our children to be healthy and to make healthy choices.  Our school nurse, Jo Burridge, will be leading a workshop for parents and carers on this subject.  We will inform you of the date once it has been confirmed.


Looking for animal care

Would you be able to look after the school rabbits or guinea pigs over the weekend or holidays?  If so, please speak to Lisa Risby


Attendance for last week was


This is an improvement from the previous week.  Let’s aim for 100% this week!


 Kind regards


Roy Coleman