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Newsletter - 22nd January 2018


We have recently completed a set of reading tests.  Some children have made excellent progress and our digital records show that they are reading regularly.  Some children have made a very small amount of progress and digital records show they are not reading very much at home.  Given that we want all children to enjoy reading, I encourage you to ensure your child reads for at least 15 minutes every day.


Each week, the school adults observe the children to ensure they are working hard and displaying our values.  The winners this week are

Star of the Week

Well done to

 Viren (FS2)

Hanasa (Yr 1)

Antony (Yr 2)


Dojo Winners

Theo (Yr 3)

Emilie H (Yr 4)

Sydney (Yr 5)

 Farzana(Yr 6)


Lost Property

There is a lot of lost property in the box at the moment including lots of coats and jumpers.  We will be donating appropriate items to charity at the end of the week.  Please check the box before then.



The majority of parents ensure that their children attend school everyday.  These children tend to make good progress in their learning.  However, some parents do not bring their children to school every day or they bring their children late to school.  Not only does this impact the child’s learning, it also has impact on their friendships and the learning of others.  Parents who regularly fail to bring their children to school can be fined up to £2, 500 or can be prosecuted a face a jail sentence.


Football team 

Congratulations to our school football team who recently played against other Greenwich schools; our team won both of our games!  Well done to all!


Attendance for last week was


This is an improvement from the previous week.  Let’s aim for 100% this week!.


Kind regards


Roy Coleman