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Newsletter - 29th January 2018


Technology safety

It is a difficult job being a parent particularly in an age where digital technology is evolving so quickly and our children are often the expert; not us.  It is though incredibly important that we maintain a close eye on what our children are doing online.  Much as it annoys my son, I check his phone and iPad everyday to monitor what sites he has accessed, what messages he has sent and generally what his online ‘life’ looks like.  It is important that we, as parents, help our children to use technology responsibly and making sure their actions do not cause upset to anyone else. 

Each week, the school adults observe the children to ensure they are working hard and displaying our values.  The winners this week are

Star of the Week

Well done to

Marek (FS2)

 Krystal (Yr 1)

Antony (Yr 2)

Dojo Winners

Endri (Yr 3)

Jenisha  (Yr 4)

Deimis (Yr 5)

Alex (Yr 6)


School Closure

Please note that the school will be closed to children on the following days:

3rd May—Polling Day

4th May—INSET Day

7th May—Bank Holiday



There are several children who are arriving late for the start of the school day.  This has a massive impact on learning.  Please ensure your child arrives ready for the start of the school day by 8:55am.  The school gates are locked at 9am promptly and staff are then expected to continue their work.  Parents need to ensure they are no longer on school premises by 9am.


You may notice that Mr Stafford-Hill is not with us on a Monday and a Tuesday; he is going to be doing some work with the Maritime Trust. We will be with us for 3 days of the week.


Attendance for last week was


This is an improvement from the previous week.  Let’s aim for 100% this week!.


Kind regards


Roy Coleman