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Newsletter - 4th December


It is the time of year where we all huddle a little closer to keep warm...and spread germs.  Please remember to only keep your child at home if they are very unwell.  They should still come to school if they have a cold or sore throat.  If your child is unwell, please tell us the reason for our records.  If your child is absent from school due to a doctors or hospital appointment , you will be asked to  provide evidence of the appointment.


Each week, the school adults observe the children to ensure they are working hard and displaying our values.  The winners this week are

Star of the Week

Well done to

 David D (FS2)

Salomi (Yr 1)

Susan (Yr 2)


Dojo Winners

Gavin (Yr 3)

Emilie H (Yr 4)

Kauthari (Yr 6)


Free School Meals

Are you entitled to free school meals?  If you come to the school office with your national insurance number, we can check for you.  Children entitled to free school meals help to generate  additional money for the school which helps us to support groups of children.  Please speak to Miss Roberts for more information.


Maritime News

As part of our work with Maritime Trust, Mr Coleman has been asked to support Featherby Infant School in Medway.  Featherby Infant School is also part of the Maritime Trust.

This means that after the Christmas break, Mr Coleman will be spending 1 day a week away from Nightingale and working in a different setting.

Whilst Mr Coleman is supporting another school, Mr Jennings will ensure that Nightingale continues to maintain high standards for teaching, learning and behaviour.


Lost Items

Sometimes children go home with the wrong hat, coat or jumper.  If you find that your child has taken something belonging to another child home, we ask you to return it promptly.  Staff at Nightingale work hard to try and match up missing items and it is made a lot easier if parents make sure all clothing is named.


End of term

Remember we break up on 20th December 2017 and children return on 3rd January 2018.



Attendance this week is 93%.  Please ensure you call the office if your child is unwell.


Many thanks


Roy Coleman