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Home Visits

Nightingale Primary School recognises that the early years of a child's education are crucial to their overall academic and social development. Therefore, to ensure that every child has a successful start to their education, the school conducts home visits for all new starters. These visits allow teachers to meet with parents and guardians to build a positive and trusting relationship. Through these visits, teachers and the school leadership can better understand the child's background, cultural and social experiences, and learning style. This knowledge helps teachers tailor their teaching to meet the child's needs, ultimately promoting a more effective learning experience.

In addition to building solid relationships with families, home visits also allow teachers to provide valuable information to parents about the school and its expectations. This helps create a positive and supportive learning environment at home and in the classroom. During the visit, teachers can answer any questions that parents may have and provide information on how to support their child's learning at home. This communication helps establish a sense of trust and partnership between the family and the school, which is crucial to the success of the child's education.

Finally, conducting home visits for all new starters at our school reflects Nightingale Primary's commitment to promoting a whole-child approach to education. Our school believes that learning is not confined to the classroom but happens in all aspects of a child's life. By visiting a child's home, teachers can better understand the child's context, essential for developing a holistic view of the child's needs. Teachers can better understand the child's emotional and social development and use this knowledge to support their learning and well-being. Thus, home visits are an integral part of our approach to education, allowing us to provide a personalised and supportive learning experience that helps every child to reach their full potential.

The Home Visit Policy is available to view HERE