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Keeping everyone safe
at our School

As we gradually reopen the school to more children we want to show parents how we will be keeping everyone safe.

How coming to school will change

Two of our children show how we will come to school, move around the school and work in classrooms.

Safety changes in school

Please watch this slideshow showing some other changes we have made in school.

Frequently Asked Questions - click to a question to read the answer

How will lunchtimes work?

Children will have lunch with their group only and these will be at staggered times. Weather-permitting, this will be eaten outside. Parents are encouraged to send children with a packed lunch if you are concerned about our food services. Universal infant free school meals (UIFSM) provides funding for all government-funded schools to pupils in Reception and Year 1. We will be able to provide a packed lunch for your child should they attend.

Will hot dinners be available?

No. Initially we will be providing lunches to enable children to easily eat outside and we will then be returning to offering normal school meals as soon as we can do so safely.

Will my child return to school full time?

We will be splitting classes into different class bubbles based on their year groups. All of the Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 children will be able to attend on the following dates and times:

Key Worker group - Start date June 2nd

8:55- 9:00 - Parents drop off children at the front gate

2:15 - 2:20 - Parents pick up children at the front gate


Reception A/B group - Potential start date June 2nd

8:10- 8:15 - Parents drop off children at the front gate

12:30 - Parent pick up children from the front gate

Year 1 A/B group - Potential start date June 15th, 2020

8:25-8:30 -Parents drop off children at the front gate

1:30 - Parent pick up children from the front gate


Year 6 A/B group - Potential start date June 29th, 2020

8:55-9:00 - Parents drop off children at the front gate - No entry in the school playground

2:30 - Parent pick up children from the front gate

The start and end times of the day will be staggered to allow for social distancing between families and further details relevant to your group will be sent to you. Our MORNING CLUBS will not be running as we would have to maintain the separate groups, which we cannot do.

If I have another child in Nursery, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4 & Year 5, can they attend school too?

No. Only children of key workers or vulnerable families in Years 2-5 will be able to attend in this each phase of reopening.

Will the provision for key workers and vulnerable families still be available?

Yes, it will. Children in Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 will be in their class groups and other children will be in a group together.

What is the maximum number of children in each bubble?

The maximum is 8 with social distancing measures of maintaining a 2-metre distance. If the DfE provides further guidance on allowing us to move to 15 pupils without concern of maintaining social distancing. We will have a maximum of 15 pupils in each class group.

Can I request which children/teacher my child will be in a bubble with?

No. To offer spaces to everyone, we are utilising a cross-section of staff from across the school. Children will not necessarily be with their normal class teacher as not all teachers can be in school. Class teachers are organising the groups based on their knowledge of each pupil.

With all the safety measures in place, what will the classrooms look like?

We are taking out excess furniture to allow for maximum space and are removing soft furnishings that can’t be easily washed, such as cushions. We will then be spacing out the tables as much as we can. Carpets will remain as these are less likely to transmit coronavirus particles than smooth surfaces.

We have had to allocate different classrooms for each group so that they each have space and we have chosen rooms that have the best access and will not require children moving through other rooms:

What is the current advice for families with vulnerable family members at home?

If a member of your family is ‘clinically extremely vulnerable’ then all family members should remain shielding at home. If a family member is ‘clinically vulnerable’ then the government advice is that children can still attend school. Please see the full advice from the website

Is there scientific evidence to show that my child will be safe in school?

No. There is no specific scientific research about children in schools as this has not been possible up until this point and there is still ongoing research into everything related to COVID-19. The government have referenced several pieces of scientific evidence that link to this, however, and have stated the following in their guidance:

  • The severity of disease in children – there is high scientific confidence that children of all ages have less severe symptoms than adults if they contract coronavirus the age of children 
  • there is moderately high scientific confidence that younger children are less likely to become unwell if infected with coronavirus numbers of children going back
  • which needs to be limited initially then increased gradually as the science permits systems to reduce the size of the groups coming into contact with each other – such as smaller class sizes spread out across settings

How often will thorough cleaning take place?

A full clean of every classroom, which includes all the surfaces, chairs and floors will happen every day. Cleaning of ‘common contact points’, such as doors and light switches, will happen at least twice a day.

What will social distancing look like in school?

For children in Year 1 and Year 6, who normally sit at desks, they will have a desk each in the classrooms.

Nursery and Reception classrooms will have tables spread out across the room to allow children to have plenty of space to learn in.

There won’t be any carpet sessions where the children sit together.

Each group will also be kept separate from the other groups in the school for lunchtimes and breaks.  

Contact games such as ‘tag’ will not be allowed 

Children will be reminded that we are staying apart where we can to try and stop germs spreading. This will be managed sensitively and appropriately by staff - no child will be ‘told-off’ for this as we know this will cause anxiety and could lead to long-term problems

How will you ensure my child’s safety?

We will be following all of the government guidance on how to keep children safe and have completed a full risk assessment for all aspects. As schools, we can only ever manage the risks to the best of our ability and ensure that we are following all of the advice given by professionals. We are being as transparent as possible with our families so that you can make the best choices for your children.

How will you deal with a suspected case of COVID19 if this happens?

There is a full section on our risk-assessment for this which also follows the government guidance here: If a child, young person or other learner becomes unwell with symptoms of coronavirus while in their setting and needs direct personal care until they can return home. A fluid-resistant surgical face mask should be worn by the supervising adult if a distance of 2 metres cannot be maintained. If contact with the child or young person is necessary, then disposable gloves, a disposable apron and a fluid-resistant surgical face mask should be worn by the supervising adult. If a risk assessment determines that there is a risk of splashing to the eyes, for example from coughing, spitting, or vomiting, then eye protection should also be worn

Each classroom has its pack of Personal Protective Equipment to be used in the event of someone being unwell and the main reception office will be used as an isolation space. The child (or staff member) would then be able to get tested and we would be told the result. If there was a positive test result, Public Health England would then work with us to decide what next steps the school should take. We would inform you if there was a suspected case for a child or staff member in your child’s group.

What COVID-19 testing provision is available for staff and children?

All staff members can be tested as well as any members of their households. This has also been extended to any children over the age of 5 and their family members. This means almost everyone at our school can be tested.

Will adults supervise and encourage frequent handwashing?

Absolutely. Children will be supervised washing their hands-on entry to the school, at the morning break, before lunch, after lunch and before they leave school. This will be a requirement. As we have fewer children per group, and 2 sinks in every classroom, this will be able to be delivered successfully and effectively.

See our video here ---> VIDEO

What will the learning look like in school?

We will be following the at-home curriculum provided on ClassDojo. Children in school will have phonics or reading each day followed by literacy-based activities and some maths learning. They will also be doing creative work and other activities to support their social and emotional learning. The usual curriculum maps will not be followed at this time.

How will the children record their learning?

Children will have exercise books/laptops which they will use for Summer 2. Staff will also use ClassDojo (an online observation portal) to record what children are doing and this will be shared with parents.

How will the school support transition to the next year group or secondary school?

Our Year 6 children will be completing a full secondary school transition focused on what they need to know for moving on. Children in other classes will take part in some of the usual transition activities towards the end of the term but details of this will be planned once we know what the requirements will be at that time and which staff will be with the groups.

If we return as a full school at some point in the summer term, all children will be moving to their new year group and class teacher.

Will Google Classroom/ClassDojo still be provided if I choose to keep my child at home?

Yes, we will still be provide learning activities for pupils on the ClassDojo website. This will link to all of the other at-home learning platforms such as Google Classroom, IXL, TTRockstars, Numbots and Purple Mash. There will be significantly fewer staff available to manage this learning, as a result, feedback will be less frequent. Year groups who can be in school will not also be able to have online feedback unless the child is shielding.

What support will be in place for pupils who need additional emotional support when they return?

All of the staff have spent the last 2 months planning and preparing to support children’s emotional needs on their return and are also undertaking additional training around trauma-informed practices. Due to the need to keep staff in their own groups, we will not be able to offer separate interventions like we usually would, but Mrs Rantell will be available to support any staff with supporting those children in their groups who may need further support.

My child has Special Educational Needs, will usual intervention and catch up sessions take place?

No, we cannot deliver all of the interventions that we had previously due to the need to allocate staff to only one group. Children with EHCPs will continue to receive as much of the support as we are logistically able to offer, which includes the support of additional adults. Children with SEN will be supported by their teacher in their small groups.

What special things will happen for Year 6?

We plan on creating a video in place of their end of year production, but are going to ask the children what form they would like this to take. We will be delivering a secondary transition program to them over the 4 weeks as well to help prepare them for the move. If restrictions change over the 7 weeks we will consider what other events we could do.

Are under 5s able to be tested?

No, the test isn’t suitable for young children but everyone in their household can be tested instead.

Can we send our children after a week or two once we see what is happening to the death rate?

No, as children starting will need a robust induction program on the new routines and procedures. Instead, we will implement a system of set start-dates that parents can choose from. They are as follows:

  • June 2nd - Reception only
  • June 8th Reception only
  • June 15th Year 1 /Reception Only
  • June 22nd Year 1/Reception Only
  • June 29th Year 6/ Year 1/ Reception Only

Parents will be contacted every Friday about attending to ensure we have the correct list for the following week. Children not on the list will not be admitted into the school.

Can children dial into classrooms if they remain at home?

No, this would not be appropriate as class lessons are very different from online lessons so this would not support children at home with learning effectively.

How will we do storytimes?

Children will be able to sit spread out around the classroom or at their desks.

Will teachers be social-distancing from children?

No, this is not required. We will be maintaining some distance as appropriate to the children’s ages and needs but we are here to support the children’s learning and needs and we will do what is necessary to achieve that.

How will teachers help children’s learning from a distance?

Lesson inputs are usually delivered with the teacher at the front of the room anyway so that will not change. Teachers will not go and sit with children at their tables but they will be able to go around the room and support children’s learning by making comments and modelling how it should look.

Will we use infrared thermometers on entry?

No, as this is not an effective way of checking for possible cases due to fever not being a common symptom in all COVID-19 cases as well as children often having temperatures for other reasons. We will be following a ‘better safe than sorry’ approach with regards to suspected cases and will not need an exact reading from a thermometer to do this.

Will there be toys in EYFS?

Yes. Some toys are being taken out if we are not going to be able to clean them properly but otherwise, the toys are remaining as they are a key part of being able to deliver the EYFS curriculum.

What if I have any more concerns?

Please contact the school if you have any further questions about safety in school.