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Maths Mastery Mornings at Nightingale

We provide teaching professionals with the opportunity to explore how Nightingale Primary teach maths with Singapore approach.  We use ‘Maths No Problem’ and Singapore styled textbook to support our teaching and learning of maths across our school.  However, we feel that quality maths instruction and learning shouldn’t be confined to a region in the world and have adapted our approach to suit the varying needs of our learners. 

The aim of our Maths Mastery mornings will be to provide visitors:

  • With a deep subject knowledge of primary mathematics to support teaching for mastery.
  • Demonstrate skills of teaching, planning and assessment in order to effectively support pupils in developing a deep and sustainable understanding (i.e. mastery) of mathematics.
  • The ability to adopt a teaching for mastery approach across their own school by supporting other teachers, including leading teacher research groups.



8:30      Arrival & Welcome.

8:45      Maths at Nightingale - Pre Anchor/Anchor task model – Learning through experience.

9:15      Learning Walk.

9:45      Variation and making connections.

10:15    Book look.

10:35    Break.

10:45    Expectations during lessons.

10:50    Observations.

12:15    Q & A with Maths specialist teacher.

12:45    End of session.


Maths Development Day

£100 per person

*includes refreshments, 1/2 day training, live lesson/book looks 


Dates & Registration

January 23rd 2018

February 27th 2018

March 27th 2018

June 5th 2018