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19th March 2018

Year 6 children have been learning vocabulary about food.

They can use the days of the week, food nouns and the verb ‘desayunar’ (to have breakfast) in the present to describe what they have for breakfast every day.

They can also use adverbs of frequency such as ‘siempre’ (always), ‘normalmente’ (usually), ‘a veces’ (sometimes) and ‘nunca’ (never) to describe what we have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Year 6 had the opportunity to have a special desayuno español.

The children cooked chocolate caliente a la taza (hot cholocolate). They also had sobaos pasiegos (traditional sponge cakes from Cantabria, in Northern Spain) and galletas María (plain biscuits).

They enjoyed saying what their favourite food was from the Spanish breakfast, while they listened to Spanish music.

Here are some photos of their special morning: