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Newsletter - 25th September 2017


All the children and staff are now settled back into the new term and everyone is working hard. Your child will now start to bring home a book to read every day. Within KS1, it is likely to be a book which is matched to their level. Similarly, in KS2 children will bring home books that interest them. Please can you ensure that your child reads every night and that books are returned in a good condition for other children to enjoy.

Passport Applications

I am regularly asked by parents to countersign passport applications for children who attend Nightingale. Whilst I am happy to do this, I do need to make you aware that I need to have known the child for at least two years before I can countersign your application. We also ask for a contribution of £10 to complete the application.

Star of the Week

Stars of the week in KS1 are

Namai in year 1

Yumilson in year 2


Dojo Winners

The Dojo winners this week are:

Elliot (year 3)

Eid (year 4)

Shuk Kai (year 5)

Toby (year 6)

The Nightingale award has been given to Lucia Ball for her effort in reading.


Pupil Parliament

This week all children have been voting for the Pupil Parliament.  

Nightingale’s elected Parliament is made up of children from Year 6.

The parliament this year are:

Pupil Minister  - Dalraj

Fundraising Minister—Farzana

Sport Minister—Omar

Behaviour Minister—Emmanuel N

Environment Minster—Mohammed

Learning Minister—Olivia

Well done to all who put themselves forward.


Woolwich Carnival

Thanks to those children who played in the Samba bateria on Saturday.  We all had a great day and loved celebrating the diversity of Woolwich.


Christmas Dates for your diary

Wednesday 13th December

School Christmas Dinner

Thursday 14th December (am)

KS1 Nativity

Thursday 14th December (pm)

KS2 Carol Service

Monday 18th December

EYFS Christmas Party

Tuesday 19th December

Year 1, 2 and 3 Christmas Party

Wednesday 20th December

Year 4, 5 and 6 Christmas Party

Term ends on 20th December 2017.


Roy Coleman