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Newsletter - 30th October 2017


Mrs Wilson is retiring!

Mrs Wilson, our special needs coordinator, is retiring at Christmas!  She has worked at Nightingale for many years and has worked hard to help all children achieve their full potential.  We will have a special assembly towards the end of the term to give staff, children and members of the community a chance to say goodbye to her.


Star of the Week

Well done to

Anastasia (Yr 1)

Alina (Yr 2)


Dojo Winners

The Dojo winners this week are:

Calvin (Yr 3)

Kimberley (Yr 4)

Dhanusha (Yr 5)

Toby (Yr 6)


I am pleased to inform you that we have appointed Mrs Andrea Rantell to be our new special needs coordinator.  Mrs Rantell has worked in Greenwich for a long time and has an awful lot of experience working with children with special needs.  We look forward to welcoming her in January 2018.


Please make sure your child reads every night and that books are returned to school in a good condition.  We also visit Woolwich library and would welcome volunteers to help out.


Don’t forget that there is a

Halloween disco on Friday 3rd



As you are aware, we have a behaviour chart at school which is used to manage the behaviour of children.  All staff have been trained  in how to use it and we make sure all children are treated fairly.  However, sometimes children do break the rules and when this happens we apply a range of sanctions depending on the severity of the behaviour.  For minor incidents, children might miss some of their playtime and for more serious incidents they might have to see Lisa Risby or a member of the leadership team.  All staff work hard to apply the rules fairly and it is important that parents support us in this matter.  If you have any questions regarding this, please speak with me or you are able to download our behaviour policy from the school website. 


Kind regards 


Roy Coleman