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Meet the staff:

Class Teacher: Roisin Smiddy

Early Years Practitioner: Jodie Groombridge

Class TA: Julie Cakebread

Midday Supervisor: Bukurlje Bilali

Speech and Language Therapist: Stewart Neill 


Our topic this term is:

Why is water wet?

We will start our topic by creating a fake flood in nursery. This will give us the opportunity to begin a discussion about water.

We will be learning about the uses of water and the children will be exploring water in its different forms.  We will also be learning about the different types of creatures that live in water.

In FS1 the teachers will outline a plan of what they may teach this term however the children’s interests may take our topic off into a completely different direction.

In addition to our topic the children receive daily numeracy and phonic sessions as well as weekly circle time sessions. We will also be running an ‘Early Talk Boost’ programme to help boost our communication and Language development.

During this term we will also be continuing with our monthly trips down to our local library as we need to return the books we have borrowed.

As it is the last term in the school academic year we will be holding our annual EYFS sports event. This time of year also sadly means that many of our children will soon be leaving us to move on to Reception. We will be continuing with our crucial work on helping the children transition into the next phase of their education.

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