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Online Safety

Please complete our survey about online safety:

Use the links below for more information about online safety.

How many different ways can your child access the internet?  They can get online using the following:

  • Computer
  • Tablet
  • Smartphone
  • Television
  • Video game system
Are you always aware of what your child is doing online?  Do you know who they are talking to?  The following tips are to help you ensure your child remains safe online...

1)  Make sure you have set the parental controls on your home broadband system.

2)  Ensure your children use 'safe' search engines such as or

3)  Limit the amount of time that your child online.

4)  Set passwords on all systems and do not give them to your children.

5)  Download 'Our Pact'.  This allows you to take control of your child's smartphone or tablet.  (

6)  Use the internet together.  Talk with your child about how to search safely.

7)  Don't bow to pester power.  Just because their friend has it or is allowed to do it, doesn't mean it's ok.

8)  No to social media until they are old enough!  Did you know that it is recommended that you are 13 before you have a facebook account.

9)  Check the video games they are playing and who they are playing with online.

10)  Be open so your child knows they can come to you if they are concerned.

If you need further advice, please speak to a member of staff or click the link below.