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Dear Families

We have organised Nightingale’s Parent-Teacher Association.  Our PTA will play a vital role in developing links within our school community. We are very grateful for the enthusiasm and commitment of the group. Nightingale PTA has been established in order to raise money, help support the school and make a difference to our children’s education. As well as fundraising, the PTA provides an opportunity for everyone to work together in promoting the school’s interests, as well as providing a forum to make new friends, join in school events and bolster our school community.

The PTA will be involved in some fantastic events.  These include a Children’s Christmas raffle, which is aimed at daily prize giveaways as well as twenty special gifts to be awarded after our whole school carol service.  Our second event will be our Greetings Card Sale; this event is aimed at teaching children about entrepreneurial skills as they work in teams of four, purchase key items for their assembly line of birthday, Eid, Diwali or Christmas cards.  At the end of the day, children will put their cards on sale to parents for a nominal fee. The PTA will join in and sell cup cakes to continue support in the entrepreneurial spirit.
Our next two events are Book and Toy exchanges where parents are encouraged to donate a few well kept Toys & Books on the dates below to be sold to other families.

Future details of our PTA events can be found in the calendar or in the PTA section of our school website.  Please take a look!

Key objectives of the PTA

The main objective of the group is to raise money, which will be used for the benefit of the school and the children. The other main objective is to invite parents, guardians and staff to socialise, take part in events and have fun. Parents and carers have been involved in making costumes and props for school productions, or arranging quiz nights… all it takes is someone to take on their favourite project and make it happen!

Where does the money raised go?

Funds raised by the PTA go back to the school to help our children; a small proportion goes towards running costs (e.g. specific insurance cover where required). 

Who can join the PTA?

All parents, carers, teachers and governors are welcome to join Nightingale PTA. We have a core organising committee, but a much wider network of parents and carers is crucial if the PTA is to succeed. Anyone can join in, and give as much or as little time and/or resources as they are able to.

How can you join the PTA?

Please contact the PTA by speaking to Stephanie Roberts, our Acting Chair in the school office. Every year, as our children move on to secondary school, we lose valuable support. Gaining support from our new nursery parents, or parents of children already at the school who want to get more involved, is vital for the PTA to carry on doing the work it does - please get in touch.

I don't have much time - can I still get involved?

The PTA relies on the support of Nightingale Primary School's parents and carers to provide a forum to bring the community together. You do not have to be a stay-at-home parent to join in – in fact, most of us are working parents.  Anything you can do is of help – whether it is buying a cake from the supermarket and donating it to a bake sale or just supporting PTA events and purchasing raffle tickets is another way to show your support.

How does the PTA Committee operate?

The committee is a core group that organises the PTA. The committee meets regularly, and the Annual General Meeting will be held in July. Minutes from these meetings will be available under the PTA section of the school website.

The roles within the PTA are as follows:

Acting Chair Debbie Pearce
Vice Chair Stephanie Roberts
Treasurer Danielle/Benu
Secretary Louise M.
Publicity Officer Teresa
School Liaison Ms Lisa Risby
Committee Members Nick G, Miss Pearce, Mr Jones
Members All families