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Pupil Premium 

Pupil Premium funding is allocated to schools for children from low-income families.  This is measured by identifying those children who have been eligible for free school meals (FSM) within the last six years, looked after children (LAC) and children from service families. In the current academic year (2023/24), the allocation per child is £1,455. This will total £ 98,940 of funding this year.

Summary of Barriers to Learning at Nightingale

  • Social barriers
  • Cultural barriers
  • Personal barriers
  • Emotional barriers
  • Self esteem barriers
  • Physiological barriers

Percentage of children entitled to pupil premium

  • 35% of children who attend Nightingale primary school are entitled to pupil premium.

This funding is additional to central school funding and is considered the best way to address the gap between children from low-income families and their wealthier peers.  The budget is used to narrow the gap between these two distinct groups.  

Date of next review: September 2024



Pupil Premium Strategy Statement 2023 - 24