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Here are a selection of videos made by our children:

Team Jackson: "Fantastic Mr Fox" new reports 2017

Year 3 Fox news 1

Year 3 Fox news 2


Team Witham St George's Day Assembly 2017

Bienvenidos a Nightingale

Year 4 Samba Bateria 2015


Year 6 Brain films

We have made short films explaining how the brain works using the green screen to show images of the brain as we explained!

Abisha, Mevleen & Lauren:

Adam, Kledjon & Umer:

Afifa, Emily & Manpreet:

Akeem, Derrick & Itunu:

Alima, Makia & Salsabil:

Amira, Bushra & Shuk Jing:

Ansar, Habib & Jathusan:

Naema, Paige & Shanilah:

The Lion King: Year 6 show July 2015