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Welcome to Year 1

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Lashanda Noel

Teaching Assistant: Jodie Groombridge

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We are reading traditional tales in year 1 this term and have started reading our first core text, Little Red Riding Hood.


In Maths, we are further developing our understanding of positions started at the end of last term: first, second third all the way up to twenty-ninth! Then, we move our attention to developing our understanding of addition and subtraction by extending this to numbers up to 20. We are reinforcing how to write and record these numbers in a variety of ways which will help us build on our addition and subtraction knowledge so far. We will also explore shapes and patterns for the last weeks of term – naming and spotting 2-D and 3-D and then being able to group them using different categories.

Geography, Science and DT

In Geography, we are learning about our location and where we live – locally and worldwide. We will be exploring our school environment, making our own passport and also learning about the UK and the different countries in the UK.

In Science, we are learning about the human body and particularly about the senses. What are the senses? Why are they important? This will lead onto an investigation towards what senses are really important in other animals such as bats and then investigating how our senses can even be wrong by looking at optical illusions.

In DT, we are using our English text of ‘The Fox and the Star’ to help us create puppets of different creatures that we can investigate, study, design and then build them.


Mr Wicks will be teaching Year 1's Computing lessons. This term, the children will be using online programs to create rhythms, sound sequences and songs. See the Noticeboard below to hear examples of the class in action: 

Making music for a mood - happy or calm, can you tell which?

Click this link to hear our music!


Ways you can support your child at home

Keep reading with your children. Repeated reading is an excellent way to engage children with reading fluently. Mr. Jennings will be running a session on this at the start of the term so I highly recommend taking this offer.

IXL Maths:. Numbers and counting up to 20 D.1–D.15; Comparing G.1-G.7; Positions J.1-J.8; Addition up to 10 and 20 M.1-M15


A typical day in Year 1 would follow a similar timetable, although each day is different, with different subjects covered in the afternoon:

9.00am - Registration
9.05am - Phonics
9.30am - English
10.30am - Break
10.45am – Maths
11.45am- Guided Reading
12.05pm - Lunch
1.15pm - Sketching
1.30pm - Topic/P.E
2.45pm - Celebration Assembly (Fridays)
3.15pm - Home


Year 1 will now have PE every Monday afternoon, could you please send your child to school wearing their PE kit.


Thank you to all who are continuing to read and engage with our children’s learning at home. Seeing our children share stories of their reading or building some fantastic robots as they journey through exercises on Numbots is really good to see! Please keep reading to and with your children at every opportunity!