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Welcome to Year 2!

Meet the Staff:                                                   

Class Teacher: Ms Clare Jackson

Teaching Assistant: Ms Laura Shepherd

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In phonics, we will be revisiting the spelling patterns we have looked at before. We will also be looking at common exception words and words including apostrophes.

In our writing lessons, we will be looking at The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch. We will be making sandwiches and using this to make a set of instructions. We will also be doing some creative writing based on the book.

In reading, all children will read with the teacher at least once a week and complete comprehension activities.  We will be looking at different question types and starting to practise some reading tests for the upcoming SATS tests.


In maths this term we will be looking at a few different things. We  will start the term looking at money. We will then look at time, shape, mass and volume.

We will be doing lots of maths arithmetic practise in preparation for SATS too.


In science we will be looking at plants. The children will learn about different types of plants and their habitats. We will also do an investigation into what plants need to survive.


Mr Wicks will be teaching Computing to the class. This term the children will be learning how to use programming languages to control characters on a screen. We will be making a comoputer game based on the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch!


We will be doing some design and technology this term using our cooking skills! We will also being doing some work around the history of lighthouses.

Ways you can support your child at home

Reading at home with your child everyday is very important. Please make sure you are noting in their reading record as often as you can.

Weekly spellings for the spelling test on Friday.

IXL: money, mass, shape, volume  and recap on the 4 operations -, +, x, ÷

Also make sure you go on Numbots!


Guided reading
Foundation subject/topic