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Year 3 (Team Jackson)

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Ms. Clare Jackson

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Sadia Qureshi


Our theme

Our curriculum topic for this term is called ‘Heroes and Villains’. 

Martin Luther King, Joan of Arc or Amy Johnson? Someone from your family, or the local fire fighters? There are so many heroes and heroines, but who do you admire the most?

This term we examine heroes and villains from history by learning songs, writing riddles, exploring sculpture and creating biographies.

We will also explore the moral issues and dilemmas – how does it feel to do good deeds?

Core text







Our core text is Diary of a Killer Cat by Anne Fine. We will be using the story to help us write great character descriptions. From then we will explore how a story is structured before writing our own stories.


We will be using Maths No Problem to focus on place values, number patterns, addition and subtraction.


We will be learning all about how to classify different materials. Which ones float? Which ones are magnetic? How can materials be sorted?


We will be improving our map-reading skills as well as making art inspired by mountains.


We will be learning how to play fielding games, focusing on rounders.


We will be learning how to create an exciting eBook using the iPads.


At Nightingale we are using the Nelson Spelling Scheme. Each week, the class will focus on a different spelling pattern and will have a selection of words using that pattern to practice at home.

The list below shows the spelling patterns and example words for this term. It is expected that there will be other words each week that use the same pattern.

Year 3 spellings: Autumn 2017