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Stephanie Roberts

Welcome to Year 4!

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr Adrian Koza

Teaching Assistant: Mrs Vicky Cloud

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We are reading The Pied Piper of Hamelin as our core text.
We will apply the vocabulary from the text to our writing.
We will write an opinion piece about the rat infestation and find out who is responsible for it.
We will create our own fable with a moral, to teach the importance of the community.
We will also write a poem based on this story.


This term we will be learning about fractions.

We will learn how to recognise, unit, non-unit and improper fractions.
We will simplify fractions, and convert between mixed numbers and improper fractions.
We will calculate different fractions of amounts and solve word problems relating to this subject. We will add and subtract fractions as well. And this is only a fraction of what we should know about this subject.
We learn the facts and relations between 3 and 6 times tables.


This term we will learn about the properties of the states of the matter and differences between solids, gasses and liquids.

We will look how some materials can shift between these states.

We will learn what viscosity is and about the fascinating non- newtonian liquids that shift between solids and liquids.

We will learn about reversible and irreversible changes.


Mr Wicks will be teaching Computing to the class every Wednesday morning. This term the children will be building a model of a tadpole using Lego and programming it to move. They will then change the model to create a frog, learning about the changes these animals undergo as part of their lifecycle. Once completed, they will record the stages of development and how they programmed it by creating a page for their website.

Ways you can support your child at home

Please remember to read every day, at least 20 minutes per day. Listen to your child read and let them read aloud to their peers.
AR reading
Guided Reading
Vocabulary instruction
Play time
Topic ( Science/ Geography/ RE
Independent reading


PE is every Thursday. Don’t forget your PE kit. Bring it on Mondays, in order to avoid disappointment.