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Year 4 (Team Rutherford)


Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr. Charlie Rutherford

Teaching Assistant: Mrs. Sadia Qureshi

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Topic: Potions, Potions, Potions!



We will be reading the first Harry Potter book in class to inspire letters persuading parents to send their children to Hogwarts (although please don’t pull children out of school, Hogwarts isn’t quite as good as Nightingale). We will also be creating our own potions in order to create our own potions recipe book. Before term ends we will also find time to create a profile for our own magical creature using Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them as inspiration.


This term we will be continuing our work with decimal numbers followed by money, volume, length and mass.


Our focus this term is electricity. We will be looking at electrical safety, ways to generate electricity and how electrical appliances work.


This term we will be focusing on Islam. We will be learning about Ramadan and Eid this term.


We will be learning how to create websites using Google Sites. We'll be learning how to create pages, add links to our work and publish safely. We will also be respponding to feedback using email. Look out for more information soon!


This term we will be thinking about tactics and space while playing dodgeball.



We will be looking at the lives of Anglo Saxons and Viking invaders. What kind of technology did they use? How were their lives similar to ours? We will also be using map symbols to mark key areas and trade routes.


We will be looking at health and hygiene. We will be creating our own hygiene posters for food preparation.