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Year 6

Meet the Staff:

Class Teacher: Mr. Michael Gardner

Teaching Assistant: Mr. Chris Purchase

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We are going to be studying ‘The Tempest’ by William Shakespeare. We will be writing:

  • A ‘How To’ instructional guide on how to cast spells
  • A soliloquy from the perspective of a main character
  • A balanced argument on the moral side to the story.

In Spag, we will focus on identifying word classes (nouns, verbs etc), sentence formation and spelling patterns.


Our topic is light. We will be investigating:

  • How shadows are created
  • How light travels through and around objects
  • How light reflects and creates angles


We are going to be focusing upon:

  • Place value of numbers up to 10,000,000
  • Using the 4 operations (+ - x /) using a range of written and mental strategies
  • Solving multi-step word problems


We will be learning how to use Google documents to collaborate on our work. In addition, we will be exploring how to assess each other's work, encourage our partners and work as a team. We will be creating a website to show off our work as well.